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5 Top Attractions in Jeddah you can’t miss

All-inclusive Umrah packages are comprehensive travel plans including all the Umrah-related services available in one place. From visa processing and flight booking to airport transfers and accommodations, none of your headache at all. Not only this, some Umrah travel plans also include additional tours to one of the famous places in Saudi Arabia to enhance the experience of pilgrims. Similarly, Jeddah is also one of the most common yet highly significant tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia and it has a good reason behind it. Jeddah is a modern city yet also has its historic identity maintained as well. The nature and climate of Jeddah are a nice change for pilgrims who have an experience with the atmosphere of pilgrimage cities. So, planning a day trip to Jeddah is great to add a new perspective to your pilgrimage within budget. However, if you are not sure about how to plan a trip to Jeddah and what to explore there. Read ahead and you’ll find everything you need to enhance your spiritual journey.

Planning a trip to Jeddah

Jeddah is the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia serving as a major port for trading as well as providing a possible stopover for pilgrims. Pilgrims from all over the world landed in Jeddah to get into Makkah and Madinah ahead to perform Umrah and Hajj rituals. Therefore, all-inclusive Cheap Umrah packages offer custom tours to popular places in Saudi Arabia including Jeddah for pilgrims. Even pilgrims with 14 Nights 4 star Umrah package can also join a trip to Jeddah with fellow pilgrims to explore the beauty of the city within budget. If you are thinking about why you have to visit Jeddah or why Umrah travel plans offer a trip to Jeddah? No worry, it is because of the variety of tourist attractions and its proximity to Makkah and Madinah. Jeddah is located 80 km away from Makkah and pilgrims can easily travel by bus or railway anyway. It saves effort, money, and time all in one trip while providing a stunning place to visit and explore.

5 Top Places to Visit in Jeddah

It has a fascinating history that spans thousands of years, Jeddah a hustling city located on the coast of Red Sea. Cultural exchange, connecting civilizations from all corners of the globe and as a major port city, it has served as a vital hub for trade. Jeddah has stood witness to the rise and fall of empires, leaving behind a cultural heritage that is truly unique, from the days of ancient civilizations to the modern era. 

1. King Fahd Fountain

King Fahd Fountain is a popular tourist attraction in Jeddah for its eye-popping view and recreational activities. The fountain is like a big tower that shoots water high in the air and looks even more relaxing at night when lit up. Visitors plan their visit to King Fahd Fountain during sunset or late at night to make their trip extra special and more enjoyable. It’s the best place to capture some photographs and relax a bit to get back on the spiritual journey ahead.

2. Jeddah Waterfront Sculptures

Another favorite recreational spot for visitors in Jeddah is the Jeddah Waterfront and nearby sculptures look like an open-air museum along the coastal area. It’s not more than a beach to unwind the stress of pilgrimage and reflect on the journey while gazing at the art of worldly artists in the form of stunning sculptures under a clear sky. Pilgrims who love experiencing water activities or want to have a different beach experience, Jeddah Waterfront is waiting for you to explore.

3. Floating Mosque

Along the coastal area of the Red Sea, Jeddah has a mosque that looks like floating because of its unique architecture and engineered structure. It is a favorite go-to destination for pilgrims as they can have a different spiritual experience there and can also offer prayer while being in the serene atmosphere. Visiting the floating Mosque of Jeddah is a win-win situation as you can maintain spirituality as well as explore nature all in one place.

4. Red Sea Mall

Red Sea Mall is also another top tourist attraction in Jeddah which is all about international brands, stores, and indoor amusement options. The thoughtfully created setup of the mall welcomes visitors as well as pilgrims from all over the kingdom and meets their shopping needs all in one place. Visitors can explore international-level products there while pilgrims can experience Arabian-style products to buy as souvenirs. The mall also has play areas for kids and dining options for all ages to make the best out of shopping anyway.

5. Traditional Souks


Despite of being modern technology and international-level entertainment, Jeddah also has its traditions and customs maintained when it comes to traditional shopping. For instance, traditional markets like Souks are easily accessible in Jeddah containing handicrafts, spices, dates, and organic products like seed oils. Pilgrims love to shop for souvenirs from Souks as these are affordable and reliable and also good to give others as gifts. So, plan your visit to Jeddah now with all-inclusive December Umrah packages and explore the world-class attractions within your budget.