A Detailed Guide on Upcoming IPOs in May 2024

The IPO market is expected to experience a surge of activity, with numerous high-profile companies preparing to go public. With the potential for significant returns, it is no surprise that investors are eagerly anticipating the upcoming IPOs. 

However, making the right strategic move can be tricky for both new and experienced investors. This detailed guide provides a comprehensive overview of the upcoming IPOs in May 2024. Take a look. 

Upcoming IPO List May 2024

Company Name

Open Date and Close Date

Issue Size

Awfis Space Solutions Limited IPO

22 May 2024 – 27 May 2024

Rs 364 crores

Vilas Transcore Limited IPO

27 May 2024 – 29 May 2024

Rs 95.26 crores

Prepare Your Demat Account for Upcoming IPOs

Preparing your Demat account in advance ensures smooth participation in upcoming IPO.  An IPO, or Initial Public Offering, is an exciting opportunity to invest in a company’s stock before it hits the market.

However, to participate in an IPO, you need a Demat account, which acts as a digital repository for holding and trading securities in electronic format. Reviewing your Demat account’s status and ensuring it is active and compliant with the necessary regulations is essential. 

Additionally, verify if your Demat account is linked to your bank account for seamless fund transfers during the IPO application process. Keeping your Demat account in order will help you stay ahead of the game and maximise your chances of securing shares in upcoming IPOs.

Research Potential IPOs and Companies

This involves analysing various aspects such as the company’s financial performance, competitive landscape, growth prospects, management team, and industry trends. By delving deep into the company’s background, you can gain insights into its potential for future success and evaluate its suitability as an investment opportunity.

Also, stay updated on market news and analysis and seek guidance from reputable financial advisors or experts. By dedicating time and effort to research, you can identify promising upcoming IPOs and make informed investment choices that align with your financial goals and risk appetite.

Keep an Eye on IPO Trends

Understanding the current landscape of upcoming IPOs can provide valuable insights into market opportunities and potential investment prospects. By monitoring the market for upcoming IPOs, investors can identify companies that show promise and align with their investment strategies. 

Further, open a demat account for IPO, allowing seamless and efficient participation in the IPO process. By maintaining an active Demat account, investors can easily apply for and manage their investments in upcoming IPOs.

Understand the IPO Process

The process of an IPO follows a specific timeline that involves various stages and regulatory requirements. 

  1. Selection of Underwriters:

    • Indian companies planning for an IPO appoint underwriters who assist in the process.

    • Underwriters play a pivotal role in determining the IPO price and ensuring compliance with SEBI regulations.

  2. Draft Prospectus Filing:

    • The company submits a draft prospectus to SEBI for review.

    • SEBI scrutinises the prospectus to ensure accuracy and compliance with disclosure norms.

  3. Prospectus Approval:

    • Upon SEBI’s approval, the company proceeds with marketing and investor roadshows to create interest among potential investors.

  4. Book-building Process:

    • The company may engage in a book-building process to gauge share demand.

    • This process helps in setting the final IPO price.

  5. Listing on Stock Exchange:

    • After finalising the IPO price, the company lists its shares on the stock exchange for trading.

    • Investors can buy and sell shares through the exchange.

Understanding the IPO timeline is crucial for investors. It allows them to grasp the various stages involved, enabling them to make informed decisions when considering participation in upcoming IPOs. Besides, having a Demat account is essential for IPO participation, as it facilitates the smooth transfer and management of shares during the IPO process.


As we have seen, May 2024 is shaping up to be a busy month for IPOs. With a wide range of companies going public, investors could find new opportunities, and these companies could significantly impact the market.


Carefully research and consider each IPO before making any investment decisions. Stay tuned for updates and developments as these IPOs approach their launch dates.