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How Bond Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Disputes with Your Landlord?

There are high chance that owners tend to find a mistake after the bond cleaning so that they can keep the security with them as per the lease agreement which you have signed at the initiation period. Keeping security is a second thing but an uncleaned house can turn the conversation into a sense of dispute with the landlord. Of course, it is not good to leave with bad relations with the landlord. Hence, you must try to avoid these disputes.

You must read the agreement carefully and work accordingly to settle things on good terms. This blog will be your complete guide to throw some light on the reasons for arguments between the owner and the tenant and how to avoid them. So, stay tuned!

How to prevent disputes at the end of Tenancy?

There may be various causes of disputes between the owner and the landlord.  Hence, Bond Cleaning Labrador asks every tenant to play smart and hire a bond cleaning expert to avoid any dispute between the tenant and the owner. Let us discuss major precautions for preventing disputes at the end of the tenancy:

Read your agreement: You are given a lease agreement to sign before you enter the rental property. You must read the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully to avoid any mistakes at the end.

Take pictures: Do not forget to take pictures of the property before moving in to avoid any blame for the damage to the property which was not done by you. Even you must take a picture after you have cleaned the property to prove yourself in any case.

Clean the property regularly: You must not keep the cleaning task for the end. By the end of tenancy, your property may turn into the worst condition and it will be difficult for you to clean it a the end. It may create a sense of dispute between you and the landlord. Also, if it turns into the worst condition, you may have to pay more charges to the cleaners. 

What to keep in mind before the end of tenancy?

Before the end of the tenancy period, we must keep in mind the following things:

Work according to the pre-approved Checklist: It says to clean your rental property according to the checklist mentioned by the landlord in the lease agreement to avoid any dispute.

Dust and Dirt: Remove dust and dirt from the surfaces as it is the first thing a landlord notices.

Windows: You must expect or ask your bond cleaners to wash and clean the windows with an organic cleaner so that your owner does not get a chance to complain.

Carpets: Carpet cleaning is also a part of end-of-lease cleaning. As we use carpets in our daily lives it also gets dirty with time. So, clean them before the end of the tenancy period.

Stains and Grime: Do not forget to remove stains and grim, especially from kitchen appliances. 

Bathroom Cleaning: We use our bathrooms now and then we also clean them once a week. But in bond cleaning, it must be cleared from top to bottom and from every corner including ceiling and walls

Hire Professionals: You must hire professionals rather than clean it on your own as professionals know better about how and when to clean everything to avoid disputes with the landlord at the end of the tenancy. Even the Bond Cleaning Gold Coast team suggests hiring a professional rather than working alone.

Can Bond Clean Experts help in avoiding Disputes with Landlords at the end of the tenancy?

Yes, Bond Clean Experts can be your savior as they ensure complete satisfied cleaning for their customers. Also, re-cleaning is required to avoid any kind of disputes with the landlords at the end of the tenancy period. Let us see more benefits of choosing Bond Clean Experts for the perfect cleaning service:

  • We will provide bond cleaning from professional cleaners.

  • You can book us from our website. We are just a call away.

  • Not only this, we will provide a free recleaning if you don’t like our service.

  • We use organic products to ensure your hygiene or safety.

  • We are available on weekends too. Yes, we will provide our service for seven days of the week.


Disputes are a sign of building bad relations with the tenant. However, we must try to avoid it but sometimes the end of tenancy and not a proper bond cleaning can become the reason. You can hire professionals to ensure a perfect bond cleaning and also take care of the proof you collect before and after entering the rental property. 

You can rely on Bond Clean Experts who provide 7 day services by professional cleaners and a lot more to avoid disputes and get your security back. I hope this blog has given you enough insights about the reasons and prevention of disputes between a landlord and the tenant at the end of the tenancy period.