Importance of keen Fire door inspection in Lichfield


For reliable Fire door inspection in Lichfield, many companies are operating their services. Fire safety is a crucial concern in Litchfield. This city has gained importance and wealth because of having a church in it. The role of the construction industry in the economy is important. In the city, the protection of buildings from any sudden fire breakage is a thing that becomes a focus point. With the advancements in the era, there are many added features for protection against fire and smoke breakout. Precautions must be taken to save the premises and other important things in the building.  

What is a Fire Door? 

It is a special door that is designed to protect the buildings and other areas from any fire mishap. The main purpose of this door is to stop the fire from spreading around other areas and keep it in the specific area that is affected.  


As these doors are made for fire resistance, the material used in their making is also fire protective like steel or solid wood. These doors have fire-rated hardware that includes latches, seals, and hinges. These parts of the door help to keep the fire in control for approximately 120 minutes.  

Importance of Fire Door Inspection in Lichfield

People think that once the fire door is installed it is functional for the whole life. They are unaware that these doors require a periodic examination for the proper working of all the systems inside the door. Moreover, it is necessary to fight with the fire event to save lives and property. These are some reasons why regular inspection is compulsory.  

1.      Safety of life  

2.      Regulations  

3.      Satisfaction  

4.      Insurance laws  

Safety of Life: 

Any damage to the door can compromise the safety of individuals present in a specific building. Timely inspection will keep the company aware of problems like damaged hardware, and faulty hinges. So, these may be corrected on time. So accurately operating fire doors will allow people to escape from the place and contain the smoke and fire in a boundary where it is spread. 


Inspection of the fire door is a must do procedure that is forced by the society owner, fire safety authorities, National Fire Protection Association. If the timely examination is done it will ensure that the door will maintain the regulations and fulfill the requirements. If any building is not following the rules, it may be penalized. 


Fear of fire breakout in the building can be a reason for low productivity. If the employees in the firm do not feel safe, how can they pay attention to work? They feel unsafe all the time but if the fire doors are inspected over time, it will give peace of mind to the building owner and employees. It will give confidence in safety measures. 

Insurance laws: 

To obtain insurance coverage, buildings must maintain their standards according to the insurance companies. Having regular fire door inspections is the main risk assessment procedure that the insurance provider demands. Any incident may lead to a legal investigation. So, before the problem gets worse the inspection should be conducted in a timely manner.  

Aspects of the Door that Require Inspection   

To find any damage in the mechanics of the fire door and make certain that the inspection is done correctly, these elements must be inspected with the assistance of a fire inspector. The parts are. 


Door Leaf: 

This is attached to the door frame and helps to open and shut the door. These are the most important parts in the assembly of a fire door as well as common doors. This may also include. 

1.      Hinges  

2.      Frame  

3.      Handle 

Checking these parts for warping and any other issues. This damage may affect the ability of the door to stop fire and smoke within a safe zone. The door leaf must sit against the flush and doorstep, having a maximum 4mm gap between the door and frame. 

Door Seals: 

In a fire door, seals are present commonly called Intumescent seals. These help to expand the heat. If is fire breakout occurs, these seals expand and fill the gap between the door leaf and frame. This will prevent the escape of fire to other areas and bind it in the gap. So, the gap is compulsory in the fir doors. 

Material in Seal: 

Seals contain materials that vary from one manufacturer to another. This material may be of graphite or sodium silicate. The expansion rate of every material is not the same. Inspection of these seals timely is compulsory as of 2023 but when repairing the seal, the material should be the same as is used prior. This procedure should be done every 90 days to ensure that the rate of smoke leakage is under control.  


Fire door inspection in Lichfield is necessary both for homes and commercial buildings. In Lichfield, several skilled fire inspectors are available for assistance in any fire-related issue. Prioritizing timely inspection of fire doors eventually enhances the protection from fire damage. One should focus on installing good-quality fire doors. Prompt inspection of fire doors should be conducted to stay away from any disaster.