Most Popular Courses in Croma Campus


Croma Campus has been in the IT training domain since 2012 and since our establishment, we have successfully trained more than 70,000 candidates. We have a highly experienced and qualified team of trainers who themselves are working professionals in their respective technologies. Unlike other institutes, we provide you working professionals for training rather than normal trainers. Thus, helping you keep updated with the industry trends and providing you real working experience. We deliver high quality IT training in more than 160 plus technologies. To further know about it, one can visit Croma Campus Reviews. Here are some of our top leading trainings that college students and working professionals choose. 

·         AWS Certification Training- In this training, we will provide you AWS knowledge and help you prepare for the exams to validate your Amazon Web Services skills.

·         DevOps Certification Training- This training will include the training on combined skills of development and operations for automating and improving software delivery.

·         Microsoft Azure Certification Training- The MS Azure training will provide you Azure skills and knowledge and will help you clear its certification exams.

·         Salesforce Certification Training- This training teaches you various kills for managing the customer data and relationships using the Salesforce cloud platform.

·         Data Science Certification Course- After enrolling in the data science course, you will learn various tools and techniques for extracting the data to make informed decision-making.

·         Data Analytics Certification Training- You will learn to analyze the data and find trends in it. Along with this, the course will teach you how to search for the patterns and improve business understanding.

·         Full Stack Development Training- In the full stack developer training, you will learn skills for front-end for user interface and back-end for server-side.

·         Software Testing Training- The software testing training will teach you how to identify and report bugs in software applications to ensure quality.

·         Blockchain Certification Training- Enrolling in this course will teach you the blockchain technology and help you record and track transactions.

·         Python Certification Course- This course is from beginners to expert and it offers a comprehensive learning path for the versatile Python programming language.

·         Power BI and Tableau Training- This training covers both of these data visualization tools and teaches you how to provide a  clear and insightful reports from data.

·         Cloud Computing Master Program- The cloud computing masters course will provide you advanced knowledge about the cloud computing concepts and technologies.

·         DevOps Engineering Masters- This is the master’s course and enrolling in it will provide you knowledge about skills for automating software delivery processes.

·         Software Testing Masters- This master’s course provides you great in-depth knowledge and expertise in software testing methodologies and tools.

·         Master’s in Artificial Intelligence- In this course, you will learn various advanced concepts in AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

·         Master’s in Data Analytics- The master’s data analytics course provides you knowledge about the advanced concepts about data analysis techniques and tools.

·         Master’s in Data Science Program- The master’s in Data Science course is for those who want to focus on the entire data science field.


Croma Campus offers a wide range of IT training courses, from in-demand certifications like AWS and Data Science to master’s programs in specialized fields like Artificial Intelligence. Their curriculum is designed to be taught by experienced professionals, ensuring students gain real-world knowledge alongside technical skills. To get a better understanding of student experiences, consider researching Croma Campus Student Reviews before enrolling.