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ADHD Treatment: Therapy’s Vital Role

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental condition that affects millions of children and adults worldwide. If you live near Cleveland or Seven Hills, Ohio, and suspect you or someone you love might have ADHD, finding a qualified therapist can be a crucial step in understanding and managing the condition.

This article will guide you through the process of finding an ADHD therapist in the Cleveland and Seven Hills area. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Understanding the Role of Therapy in ADHD Treatment

  • Types of ADHD and Common Symptoms

  • What to Look for in an ADHD Therapist

  • Resources for Finding an ADHD Therapist in Seven Hills, Ohio

Understanding the Role of Therapy in ADHD Treatment

Therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is a form of counseling that can be highly beneficial for individuals with ADHD. Therapists can help individuals with ADHD develop strategies to manage symptoms, improve focus and organization, and build emotional regulation skills. Therapy can be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with medication, depending on the severity of symptoms and individual needs.

Types of ADHD and Common Symptoms

There are three main types of ADHD:

  • Predominantly Inattentive Presentation: This type is characterized by difficulty focusing and paying attention, forgetfulness, and trouble completing tasks.

  • Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation: This type is characterized by excessive fidgeting and restlessness, impulsivity, and difficulty staying still.

  • Combined Presentation: This type includes symptoms of both inattentiveness and hyperactivity-impulsivity.

Common symptoms of ADHD can include:

  • Difficulty paying attention or focusing on tasks

  • Easily distracted by sights or sounds

  • Difficulty following instructions or completing tasks

  • Difficulty organizing tasks and activities

  • Forgetfulness

  • Excessive fidgeting or restlessness

  • Difficulty waiting your turn

  • Difficulty controlling impulsive behaviors

  • Frequent interruptions

What to Look for in an ADHD Therapist

Finding a therapist who specializes in ADHD treatment can make a significant difference in your experience. Here are some key factors to consider when searching:

  • Experience: Look for a therapist who has experience treating individuals with ADHD across different age groups (children, adolescents, adults).

  • Treatment Approach: Different therapists may use various therapeutic approaches. Some common approaches for ADHD include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps individuals identify and change unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors, and social skills training, which helps individuals develop effective communication and interaction skills. Discuss with potential therapists their approach and see if it aligns with your needs and preferences.

  • Credentials and Licensure: Ensure the therapist is a licensed mental health professional in the state of Ohio. You can verify their credentials through the Ohio Board of Psychology or the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board.

  • Insurance: Verify that the therapist accepts your insurance plan. This can help minimize out-of-pocket costs.

  • Location: Convenience can play a role in consistency of treatment. Consider how far you’re willing to travel for appointments.

  • Communication Style: It’s important to feel comfortable and understood by your therapist. During your initial consultation, pay attention to their communication style, bedside manner, and how well they explain things and address your questions.

Resources for Finding an ADHD Therapist

There are several resources available to help you find an ADHD therapist in the Cleveland and Seven Hills, Ohio area:

  • Psychology Today: Psychology Today maintains a searchable directory of mental health professionals, including therapists [Psychology Today]. You can filter your search by location, insurance, and area of specialty (ADHD).

  • National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): NIMH provides a resource page listing mental health professional search tools, including options for filtering by location and expertise [National Institute of Mental Health (.gov) on]

  • CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder): CHADD is a national organization dedicated to providing support and resources for individuals with ADHD and their families. Their website features a tool to find ADHD resources in your area [Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (.org) on].

  • The Cleveland Clinic: The Cleveland Clinic offers mental health services for children and adults, including ADHD treatment [Cleveland Clinic].

  • MetroHealth System: MetroHealth System is a healthcare system based in Cleveland that offers outpatient mental health services, including therapy for children and adults with ADHD [MetroHealth System].

  • Your Primary Care Physician: Your primary care physician can be a good starting point for finding a therapist. They may be able to refer you to a qualified professional in your area specializing in ADHD treatment.



Living with ADHD can be challenging, but you don’t have to face it alone. By seeking professional help from a qualified therapist, learning about ADHD, and incorporating effective coping strategies, you or your loved one can overcome obstacles and live a fulfilling life. Remember, knowledge is power, and with the right support system and resources, ADHD can be managed effectively.