Bootcamp Online Program Vs Traditional Degree

Bootcamps are the online certification program that is offered in Online mode. The duration of the program is 4-6 months. It equips the students with all the relevant industry-relevant skills and trains the students with advanced tools and techniques. Students who want to follow their passion to get a headstart on their careers can enroll in the Bootcamp Program. However, students can also pursue traditional degrees to learn the skills but such undergraduate, post-graduate, and diploma programs are quite longer and take more time to invest to learn the skills. Here in this blog, we have mentioned the key difference between Online Bootcamp programs and traditional degrees.

Bootcamp Online Program Vs Traditional Degree: Which is Better?


  • Online Bootcamps– The Online Bootcamps are usually 6-8 months long programs.
  • Traditional Degrees- The traditional degrees are longer. Undergraduate programs typically last for 3 to 4 years. Postgraduate programs are 2 years long and doctoral programs are 5 years long duration.

Mode of education

  • Online Bootcamps- The Bootcamps are offered in Online mode. Hence, there is no need to visit the college or university.
  • Traditional Degrees- Traditional degrees are offered in a Regular mode of education.


  • Online Bootcamps- Since the program is offered in online mode, hence the students get the flexibility to pursue a program at their own pace.
  • Traditional Degrees- The programs offered in regular mode must be accomplished by visiting the university every day to attend lectures. Hence, it does not provide much flexibility.

Career opportunities

  • Online Bootcamps- The students get to learn the practical skills and knowledge that let them get amazing jobs and career opportunities.
  • Traditional Degrees- Students pursuing traditional degrees learn theoretical concepts and hence they are more focused on the knowledge side rather than the practical skills.  The market always demands people with higher education qualifications. So people with the qualifications get amazing career opportunities, but staying in the job requires skills and proficiency with the knowledge.


  • Online Bootcamps- The candidate who has passed class 12th or bachelor’s in any field. However, the eligibility criteria for different specializations vary.
  • Traditional Degrees- The candidate applying to the undergraduate program must have passed the 12th class. The candidates applying for a master’s degree must have passed in bachelor’s degree. The eligibility criteria vary for fields like entrance examination, work experience, and many more factors.

Fees and other costs

  • Online Bootcamps-The fee is comparatively less than the traditional degrees.
  • Traditional Degrees- The fee is higher as compared to Bootcamp programs.

Time commitment

  • Online Bootcamps-The students can manage the work and studies together. They have to give a few hours each day to get better with the skills and complete the course.
  • Traditional Degrees- The students must have to give dedicated years to the students.


  • Online Bootcamps- The program is offered in online mode and students can take classes from anywhere. It is highly accessible.
  • Traditional Degrees- The traditional degrees are offered in regular mode and hence students have to stay close to the university to attend the classes regularly.

Examinations and Practicals

  • Online Bootcamps- The examinations and practicals are done in online mode.
  • Traditional Degrees- The students have to visit the University to appear in the examinations and practicals.

Skill Development

  • Online Bootcamps- Students are equipped with all the relevant skills and practical knowledge that makes them job-ready.
  • Traditional Degrees- Traditional degrees are more focused on offering knowledge to the students.


  • Online Bootcamps- The students just have to attend the live classes on weekends and there is no compulsion.
  • Traditional Degrees- Students must attend classes regularly.


  • Online Bootcamps- The universities support the students in placements after the completion of the Bootcamp program.
  • Traditional Degrees- Universities may or may not support the placement process.

Entrance examination

  • Online Bootcamps- There is no requirement to appear in the entrance examinations to enroll in the Bootcamp program.
  • Traditional Degrees- The students must appear in the entrance examination to enroll in the program.

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There are many specializations in the Bootcamp programs. You can choose any depending on your field of interest and career opportunities. The candidate must also check the eligibility criteria to get into the course. It is an online program that offers industry-relevant skills, so wait no more and enroll in the Bootcamp program today.