How to track your custom packaging supplies

Everything in this modern world needs proper management and if we talk about managing custom packaging supplies, QR codes can help you track your packing supplies. If you don’t keep the records of your supplies in the warehouse you will face certain mishaps like items getting misplaced. Hence, making the inventory vanish within some sort of time. These issues will frustrate you and waste your resources.

QR codes are square in shape which gives a lot of benefits. Brands incorporate these in their supply management to gain real-time insights into the operation. They improve their operational efficiency.

Benefits of Using QR Codes for Tracking Packaging Supplies

QR codes benefit your packing supplies in many ways:

Improved Inventory Control

For inventory control, it will provide live data of the quantity and location of the supplies. Take out your scanning machine and quick scan to know the item’s quantity. This will keep you informed and reduce the stockout problem.

Reduced Waste

When you have all the data in hand, you will identify the outdated ones and make use of them. Your supplies would not go to waste.

Streamlined Ordering Process

QR code will help you to predict further needs of supplies. You can analyze and set reorder points to ensure that you have enough supplies. It will make your supply operations smoother and lower in cost.

Enhanced Efficiency

Think of those consumers, who need urgent delivery. What you would do? With the use of a QR code locate the supply and save their valuable time. This is an increase in efficiency.

QR codes for Customer Engagement

These can be incorporated inside a packaging. Link the code with the information about your sustainable sourcing. It will engage consumers.

How to Implement QR Code Tracking

The steps involved in implementing QR code tracking for your packaging supplies are

Generating QR Codes

Internet platforms offer many free and premium QR code generation services. The most popular option is “The QR code generator” which is availible online. When creating your QR codes you must include relevant data for tracking purposes. This could include a unique identifier for each item. It will identify the type of supply or any other information specific to your needs.

Applying QR Codes to Packaging Supplies

The most popular way to apply a QR code is stickers. These are easy to apply and removable. It should be printed directly in a clear and easily scannable location to create a more visual appeal for the box. 

Choosing a QR Code Tracking System

The two types of QR codes are static and dynamic QR codes. The static one contains fixed data that cannot be changed while dynamic QR codes allow you to update the information linked to the code without the need of reprinting.

I would likely use dynamic QR codes because they are the best choice for tracking purposes as they will allow you to update the amount or quantity levels and locational data.

A step-by-step guide to get you started with QR code tracking

  1. First, you need to choose a QR code generation service and create your codes.

  2. Then, decide the method for applying the codes.

  3. Although, you must select a QR code tracking software based on your needs.

  4. Now, integrate your packaging QR codes with factual information.

  5. Lastly, scan the codes and test the information.

  6. If you are satisfied with tracking software operation, then start applying it to your all custom packaging supplies.

Advanced applications of QR code

For businesses with existing inventory management systems

If your business already has an inventory management system, the next step would be to integrate QR code data into your management platforms. It will benefit you to see a more detailed version of your supply chain.

Using QR codes to track the movement

The real-time tracking as we already discussed, has the capability to work with even complex supply chains or if you are dealing with overseas suppliers.

Here are some potential applications of QR codes in supply chain tracking:

Track shipments from manufacturers to your warehouse

Monitor the progress of your custom packaging orders and know the arrival times for better production planning.

Identify and locate misplaced or lost packages

You would be able to quickly pinpoint missing supplies within your warehouse or during transportation.

Proper handling and storage conditions

Must integrate temperature or humidity data into the QR code to monitor sensitive packaging materials during transportation.


Implementing QR code tracking for your custom packaging supplies offers many benefits. Benefits can span from improved inventory control and reduced waste to streamlined ordering with enhanced efficiency. QR codes can help in revolutionizing your packaging management process.


The potential cost savings and increased efficiency gained from real-time tracking data are significant advantages for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small startup or a large-scale operation, QR code tracking can empower you to gain control of your packaging supplies and optimize your operations.