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Use of a Percentage Calculator in our Everyday Life:

Whenever we are talking about the financials, percentage is always a part of it. It is basically the quantity of an object when it is compared with 100. In our daily life, there are numerous ways where we are using percentages but we rarely give it attention. A percentage calculator is always kept in the corner of the drawer in our phone. People think it will be used occasionally only or may be at the time of exams. But actually, we all use it at least once a day.

Here in this article, we will discuss the use of percentage calculators in our daily life. So if you have been asked this in your school project or reading it just to know the reality, let’s start with it:

Exciting Discounts Deals:

We all love to shop especially if we see any ongoing discounts or sales on our favourite products. So imagine you are browsing a shopping site and you have a banner “flash 45% off”. Here comes the use of a percentage difference calculator. Now we all will start calculating the discounts and how much we can save by using this code. After all these tempting discounts will make the shopping experience better.

Controlling Savings:

Planning for your dream vacation, have you started saving for it? This is the most common scenario in our life. To complete our wish lists, it became very important that we save like a pro. A percentage calculator is a very useful tool that helps us in saving a decent part of our earnings to fulfill our dreams. Don’t forget to save for emergency situations.

Brush up your Cooking skills:

You can easily find the cooking recipes online or from your friends. These are just delicious and it sounds crazy to try new recipes. But what if the crowd just gets doubled then how will you manage the quality of your recipes? Well fear not, a percentage difference calculator is here to help you. Enter 100 (original recipe) and 200 (desired quantity), and it tells you to double everything. Problem solved.

Calculating the interest:

If you are thinking of getting a loan or you are paying installments of any loan, then these calculators will help you in calculating your interest. Suppose you have borrowed $2000 from someone at a rate of 4% per year, then using the percentage calculator, you can easily calculate the interest that will be $80. When the calculations are complicated and big then in that case these calculators look more useful and also minimise the risk of any kind of errors.

Sales Tax:

Sometimes, when we make a purchase we have to pay the sales tax for that item. So to calculate the percentage of the purchased items we need to use the calculators, however, if the calculator is simple and you’re good at maths, then you can also do it manually.

Investment Returns:

If you are someone who is interested in investing a decent amount of their earnings for long-term investments, then a percentage is a basic part of it. Wherever you are investing in something, we use a percentage difference calculator so that we can calculate the long-term earnings from that investment. When the returns are good and the risk percentage is low, chances are high that you will invest there.

Diet Percentage:

It is our responsibility that we should maintain our health. Our diet is a major factor that is responsible for our health. It becomes very important to check whether we are following a proper diet plan or not. With the help of a percentage calculator, we can calculate the intake of calories. Especially if you are a fitness lover, then this is something very common in your day.


In conclusion, we can say that percentage is an essential part of our life. Whether we are cooking in our kitchen, we are at school, planning for future investments, or saving for our dreams, it is something that helps us to make informed decisions. A percentage difference calculator helps us compare our data in every aspect of our life. It is not limited to calculating the profit and loss of a business. I hope you will find this article helpful and you will get to know more about these calculators.