How to Get Your SAT Admission Ticket

Getting your admission ticket for the SAT on a weekend works differently for the Digital SAT than it did for the paper and pencil SAT.

If you’re taking the SAT on a weekend, you’ll get your admission price tag from Bluebook, the same trying out software you’ll use to take the check. First, you’ll want to download Bluebook to the tool you’ll use on check day. You don’t want to wait to do that—you may download Blue Book and check out the test preview or take a complete-period exercise test at any time. Sign in to Bluebook with your electronic mail cope with and password 1–five days before the check to complete a quick examination setup. You have to complete this step with the aid of the day before you take a look at it. At the cease of exam setup, the app will generate your admission price tag. You’ll want this admission price ticket to take a look at the day. Take a picture or screenshot of it, print it, or e-mail it to yourself for smooth access.

Your admission ticket has information about you and you take a look at the center. Review the price tag to ensure it’s accurate. If there’s a mistake or if you have questions, name us at Coaching Centres in Dubai.

Your admission price tag might also have unique commands about your test middle. Read them carefully so you realize what to do. 

A few other things to recall:

  • Your admission ticket gained’t show your photograph, however the trying out workforce could have get right of entry to to the photo you uploaded throughout registration for identity purposes.

  • The name and date of beginning for your photograph ID need to suit the facts for your admission price ticket. Make sure you have got an appropriate photo ID before taking a look at the day.

Read more on what else you want to bring and do on check day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your SAT Admission Ticket 


What occurs if I don’t deliver my admission price tag on check day? 

Test center supervisors assisted you in. If there’s time, you could sign into Bluebook on your device and do the examination setup to get your admission ticket. Your seat gained’t be held whilst you’re getting the price ticket. 


Can I convey an electronic copy of my admission price tag on my telephone? 

Yes, you can use your cellphone to expose your admission ticket, but your cell phone might be gathered by using the proctor for the duration of the check.


If I make modifications to my registration, will the updates show up on my admission price tag? 

Yes, but the entire exam is set up to get a new edition of your admission price tag every time you’re making a trade. 


What ought to I do if I can’t get admission to my admission price tag? 

Call Customer Service at 866-756-7346. 


How do I get my price ticket if I’m taking the SAT in school?


If you’re taking the SAT in college on a faculty day, you’ll get your sign-in statistics from your school. You’ll go through a brief check-in method and the test may be downloaded on your device.