The Ultimate Guide to Acrylic Nails in Dubai


Dubai is known for its luxury and style, and when it comes to beauty, acrylic nails are a top choice among fashion enthusiasts. If you’re in Dubai and want to elevate your nail game, Havieandmoon is your ultimate destination for stunning acrylic nails. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about acrylic nails and why Havieandmoon should be your go-to salon.

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Definition and Basics

Acrylic nails are a popular type of artificial nail enhancement made from a combination of liquid monomer and powder polymer. When combined, they form a hard protective layer over your natural nails. This versatile nail extension technique allows for various designs, shapes, and lengths.

How Acrylic Nails Are Applied

The process of applying acrylic nails involves several steps. First, a nail technician will prep your natural nails by cleaning, buffing, and applying a primer. Then, they will mix the liquid monomer and powder polymer to create the acrylic paste, which is applied to your nails. The paste hardens quickly, and the technician will shape and file the nails to your desired look.

Benefits of Choosing Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for those who want a robust and versatile nail enhancement. They can be customized with various designs and are perfect for those with weak or brittle nails. Acrylic nails also provide a smooth canvas for nail art and polish.

Why Choose Acrylic Nails in Dubai?

Style and Trends in Dubai

Dubai is a trendsetter in the beauty world, and Dubai’s acrylic nails are a significant part of its fashion scene. With countless designs and styles, acrylic nails allow you to express your personality and keep up with the latest trends.

Durability and Maintenance

Acrylic nails are known for their strength and durability, making them suitable for the bustling lifestyle of Dubai. They require minimal maintenance, with fills needed every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking fresh.

Customization and Personalization

Whether you prefer classic, elegant designs or bold, statement-making nails, acrylic nails offer endless customization options. In Dubai, nail salons like Havieandmoon provide a wide range of designs to suit your individual style.

Havieandmoon: Your Go-To for Acrylic Nails

About Havieandmoon

Havieandmoon is a premier nail salon in Dubai, renowned for its exceptional services and skilled nail technicians. They specialize in acrylic nails, ensuring that each client receives personalized and high-quality nail care.

Services Offered

At Havieandmoon, you can choose from a variety of nail services, including acrylic nails, gel nails, manicures, pedicures, and intricate nail art. Their comprehensive range of services ensures that you can get exactly what you need for your nails.

What Sets Havieandmoon Apart

Havieandmoon stands out due to their commitment to excellence, use of high-quality products, and attention to detail. Their team of experienced technicians stays updated with the latest trends and techniques, providing you with the best acrylic nails in Dubai.

Step-by-Step Process of Getting Acrylic Nails

Initial Consultation

Your acrylic nail journey at Havieandmoon begins with an initial consultation. Here, you’ll discuss your desired nail length, shape, and design with a skilled technician.

Nail Preparation

Next, the technician will prep your nails by cleaning, trimming, and buffing them. This step ensures a clean surface for the acrylic application.

Acrylic Application

The technician will mix the acrylic components and apply them to your nails, carefully shaping them to achieve your desired look. This process requires precision and expertise.

Shaping and Finishing

Once the acrylic has hardened, the technician will shape and file your nails to perfection. You can choose from various shapes, including square, almond, and stiletto.

Aftercare Advice

After your nails are done, the technician will provide you with aftercare tips to maintain your acrylic nails and keep them looking fabulous.

Popular Acrylic Nail Designs at Havieandmoon

Classic French Tips

French tips are timeless and elegant, featuring a nude or pink base with white tips. This design is perfect for any occasion.

Glamorous Glitter Nails

For a touch of sparkle, glitter nails are a great choice. You can opt for full glitter coverage or subtle accents.

Bold and Bright Colors

Make a statement with bold, vibrant colors. Havieandmoon offers a wide range of shades to match your style and mood.

Elegant Nail Art

From intricate patterns to delicate flowers, nail art adds a unique and personal touch to your acrylic nails. The talented artists at Havieandmoon can create stunning designs that reflect your personality.

Maintaining Your Acrylic Nails

Daily Care Tips

To keep your acrylic nails looking their best, avoid using them as tools, keep them clean and dry, and apply cuticle oil regularly.

Recommended Products

Havieandmoon recommends using high-quality nail care products, such as gentle hand creams and nail strengtheners, to maintain the health of your natural nails and the longevity of your acrylics.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid exposing your acrylic nails to harsh chemicals, and don’t attempt to remove them yourself. Improper removal can damage your natural nails.

Removing Acrylic Nails Safely

Professional Removal vs. DIY

While it’s possible to remove acrylic nails at home, it’s best to visit Havieandmoon for professional removal. This ensures that your natural nails remain healthy and undamaged.

Step-by-Step Removal Process

If you decide to remove your acrylic nails at home, follow these steps:

  1. Soak your nails in acetone.
  2. Gently file off the softened acrylic.
  3. Moisturize your nails and cuticles after removal.

Post-Removal Nail Care

After removing acrylic nails, keep your natural nails hydrated and give them a break before applying new enhancements. Use nail strengtheners and nourishing oils to restore their health.



In the glamorous city of Dubai, acrylic nails are more than just a fashion statement—they’re a way to express your unique style and personality. Havieandmoon offers the best in acrylic nail services, ensuring that you receive top-notch care and stunning results. From the initial consultation to the final aftercare advice, their skilled technicians guide you through every step of the process, providing personalized and high-quality services.