top 10 Textile Exporting Nations

top 10 Textile Exporting Nations in 2022 and Key Industry Insights


The textile sector is a cornerstone of economic development in today’s global trade landscape. It generates significant employment opportunities, engaging both skilled and unskilled labor across various nations. In 2022, the global textile exports saw a notable 13% increase, reaching $573.22 billion, highlighting the sector’s growing importance also Explore biggest textile exporter  countries statistics: China leads with $303 billion in 2022, followed by Bangladesh ($57.7 billion) and Vietnam ($48.8 billion)



Leading Textile Exporters in 2022


1. China: Dominating the global textile market, China exported textiles worth $303 billion, accounting for 32.2% of the world’s total. The textile industry is crucial for China’s economy, significantly contributing to GDP and employment.


2. Bangladesh: With exports valued at $57.7 billion, Bangladesh is the second-largest textile exporter. It has a substantial export relationship with the USA, contributing $10.2 billion in textile exports in 2022.


3. Vietnam: Known for its vibrant textile products, Vietnam exported $48.8 billion worth of textiles in 2022, with $19.1 billion going to the USA.


4. India: India’s textile exports were valued at $41.1 billion, featuring a diverse range of products including silk, cotton, and leather. It exported $10.7 billion worth of textiles to the USA.


5. Germany: Renowned for its high-quality textiles, Germany exported $40 billion in textiles, making significant contributions to the European market, especially Poland.


6. Italy: With a strong reputation for fashion and quality, Italy’s textile exports totaled $36.71 billion. It is a leading exporter to France.


7. Turkey: Turkey’s textile exports reached $36.7 billion, with significant exports to Germany valued at $4.78 billion.


8. USA: The USA exported textiles worth $29.8 billion, with notable exports to Mexico totaling $5.78 billion.


9. Pakistan: Pakistan’s textile exports were valued at $22.1 billion, with a substantial portion going to the USA ($5.23 billion).


10. Spain: Spain exported $20.3 billion in textiles, becoming a key exporter to France.


Top Textile Exporting Companies in 2022


1. TJX Companies (USA): $48.55 billion

2. Toray Industries (Japan): $19.83 billion

3. V.F. Corporation (USA): $11.84 billion

4. Zalando SE (Germany): $11.20 billion

5. PVH Corporation (USA): $9.155 billion

6. Lululemon Athletica (Canada): $6.26 billion

7. Ralph Lauren Corporation (USA): $6.22 billion

8. Under Armour (USA): $5.80 billion

9. Prada (Italy): $4.4 billion

10. Shenzhou International Group Holdings (China): $3.30 billion


Finding Reliable Textile Suppliers Online


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Factors Driving the Textile Export Sector


The textile export sector’s growth is fueled by several factors:

– Product Quality: High standards in textile manufacturing enhance global competitiveness.

– Affordability: Cost-effective production and competitive pricing attract international buyers.

– Innovation: Continuous improvement and creativity in design and production processes.

– Market Accessibility: Easier access to international markets boosts export potential.

– Sustainability: Eco-friendly practices appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

– Ethical Business Practices: Ensuring fair labor practices and sustainability boosts reputation and demand.




The top ten textile exporting nations each contribute uniquely to the global market, driving innovation, job creation, and economic growth. As the industry evolves, these countries will continue to play pivotal roles in the global textile trade, fostering a dynamic and competitive market environment.