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Top Volleyball Drills for Kids to Improve Their Skills

Are you looking for fun and effective ways to help your kids improve their volleyball skills? Look no further! In this article, we will explore some of the top volleyball drills that are specifically designed for kids. These drills will not only help your young athletes develop their skills but also keep them engaged and motivated throughout the training session. So, let’s dive in and discover the best volleyball classes for kids!

Volleyball is a fantastic sport that not only promotes physical fitness but also teaches important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship. By introducing your kids to volleyball at a young age, you are setting them up for success both on and off the court. However, like any sport, mastering the fundamentals is key to becoming a proficient player. This is where volleyball drills come into play.

Setting Drills

One of the most important skills in volleyball is setting. Teaching kids proper setting technique from an early age is crucial for their overall development as volleyball players. Here are some setting drills that can help improve your kids’ setting skills:

  1. Pepper Drill: In this drill, two players stand facing each other and alternate setting the ball back and forth. This helps kids work on their hand-eye coordination and consistency in setting.
  2. Target Setting: Set up targets on the court and have kids practice setting the ball to each target. This drill helps improve accuracy and precision in setting.

Serving Drills

Another essential skill in volleyball is serving. A strong serve can put pressure on the opposing team and give your kids a competitive edge. Here are some serving drills that can help your kids improve their serving technique:

  1. Zone Serving: Divide the serving area into different zones and have kids practice serving to specific zones. This drill helps improve serving accuracy and control.
  2. Ace Race: Challenge kids to see how many consecutive serves they can make without missing. This drill not only improves serving consistency but also builds confidence.

Hitting Drills

Hitting, or spiking, is one of the most exciting aspects of volleyball. Teaching kids proper hitting technique and footwork is essential for them to succeed as attackers. Here are some hitting drills that can help your kids become better hitters:


  1. Approach and Hit: Teach kids the proper approach to a hit and have them practice hitting the ball over the net. This drill helps improve timing and power in hitting.
  2. Blocker vs. Hitter: Set up a blocking dummy or have another player block at the net while the hitter practices hitting around the block. This drill simulates game-like situations and helps kids develop strategic hitting skills.
    In conclusion, these top volleyball drills for kids are designed to enhance their skills in setting, serving, and hitting. By incorporating these drills into your training sessions, you can help your young athletes become well-rounded volleyball players. Remember to keep the drills fun and engaging to ensure maximum participation and improvement. Happy training!
    So, are you ready to take your kids’ volleyball skills to the next level with these top drills? Start practicing today and watch them improve before your eyes!