Search Engine Optimization

Where to turn for help with web SEO?

Where to turn for help with web SEO?


Knowing how to do SEO efficiently is a laborious task — and one that requires a lot of knowledge. It is worth enlisting the assistance of an SEO agency or SEO consultancy. With specialized professionals, it will be much easier to carry out actions that will really bring positive results to your positioning.

When thinking about SEO consultancy, the agency or professional in charge must have good experience on the subject and have success stories. Although it cannot guarantee that you will gain the best positions, this type of action will ensure that your investments have a greater return.

Carry out link building:


The Google algorithm does a kind of scanning to understand what your content is about and how relevant it is to the person. Therefore, when you have links to other external sources or to pages within your own website, your authority increases and so does your positioning.

To do so, it is necessary to link your content with other related posts that you have previously produced, for example. By linking to reliable external sources, you deliver more value to the content.

In addition, it is also beneficial to get links on other sites with a good reputation and ranking. To do this, it is possible to establish partnerships (such as exchanging links) or make a guest post. However, it is important to think carefully about the target audience of the other website so that the plan does not backfire.


Update and optimize old posts:


In general, Google prioritizes new news. As a result, newer links come out ahead of older links that are in the same SEO conditions. However, this does not mean that you should keep producing content uninterruptedly.

Instead, try to optimize the content already produced. Make updates, address new points, modify what no longer makes sense and extend posts to make them more complete. With a constant routine in this sense, your content will always be updated and you will be able to obtain better positioning in searches.


Don’t forget about image optimization:


Search engine algorithms are not capable of understanding images. They know that certain content is a graphic, but they are not able to understand what is in the image.

However, when adding pictures to your posts, you can have access to a feature known as “alt tag”. Through it, you can tell the algorithm what that image is about. Therefore, you can use the chosen keyword to further optimize the evaluation of your content.

Escape Black Hat practices:


At the same time, it is worth highlighting the importance of avoiding Black Hat practices. This is the name given to attempts to circumvent at least one of the ranking factors, in order to obtain better positions without having appropriate content.

Stuffing the text with keywords on purpose and without context or coherence (keyword stuffing) is a bad artifice, as is using fraudulent link building (link farm). There are other possibilities for fraud, and all of them are boycotted by Google, and can even cause your website to stop appearing in searches.

The ideal is to focus on an appropriate and strategic use of techniques, avoiding penalties.