Gildan Cotton T-Shirts – All You Should Know About Them

Are you also one of those people who buy a cotton T-shirt every time they visit a market? Well, because a number of people do this. Plus, these days it is super easy to wear cotton T-shirts under formal clothing. Once you find the perfect fabric and size, everything else becomes easy.

Moreover, when we talk about cotton T-shirts, a number of men prefer T-shirts because of its easy nature. That can be worn at home, at casual meetups, under a jacket on colder days, as well as comfortable sleepwear. Did you know there are around 2 billion T-shirts brought every year around the globe? Which makes it one of the most brought apparel in the world.

How to Style Cotton T-shirts

Cotton tees are worn around the world regardless of age or gender. Men women and children equally. A simple black tee paired up with jeans and joggers and you’re good to go; to university, a casual hang out, or a date night! For instance, a white tee under your coat along with chinos will look as charming as ever while you are on the go at any time of the day. These days many workplaces and multinational firms have allowed their workers to wear cotton T-shirts and jeans instead of the typical formal attire. 

How to Choose Your Cotton T-Shirt Wisely?

Apart from cotton, polyester shirts are most in demand. But what makes these cotton t-shirts unique is their ability to stretch, and feel light on the skin. As well as their inexpensive fabric that makes it last longer, especially for day-to-day use.

Cotton T-shirts are being used in the field of marketing, due to the huge number of people using them for everyday wear. Be it a promotion of a movie or the launching of a worldwide movement. Moreover, printed cotton T-shirts are given as gifts at events, or as souvenirs in universities. T-shirt quality can be determined by only looking at the fabric, dull color, see through fabric, out-of-shape shirt, and last but not least poor stitching is all that you need to look for in a shirt. While you are making a purchase, even one of these can turn your experience into a bitter one, since all of them combine to form one good shirt and not to forget the costing. 

Lightweight or Heavyweight Cotton T-shirt – Which is Better?

Do you prefer lightweight clothes or heavyweight clothes? Mostly it depends on the weather conditions for example if you’re a heavyweight wearer in a hot sunny place, it is surely going to cost you your life. But some people prefer it nonetheless. Heavyweight t-shirts provide warmth because they are made with thicker and denser cotton. Or we can say it preserves our body heat due to its higher thread count. This makes it perfect for standalone pieces in colder climates.  Heavyweight t-shirts are generally opted for by women or children.

V-Neck Vs Round Neck

V-neck gives T-shirts a more casual look, simultaneously making more airspace. While round-neck cotton t-shirts often give a stuffy feeling at the same time restricting air from flowing into the fabric. Nonetheless, both styles are made for different body shapes. For instance, people with long sleek necks prefer to wear round necks. Meanwhile, people with round faces and broad chests go for v necks to enhance their body shapes. But regardless of their neck shape, both can be worn inside a cardigan or a jacket to make it more.

Choose Wisely Between Slim Fit and Loose Fit

Are you that gym freak who wants to flex their muscles every chance they get? Slim-fitted cotton T-shirts are definitely made for you. Fitted at all the right places these cotton T-shirts enhance your body shape and make you look more muscular. Meanwhile, loose fit is mostly preferred when opting for more comfort than style. Stay-at-home mothers usually prefer loose-fit T-shirts for easily managing day-to-day chores without getting hot. At the same time youngsters especially teenagers opt for a slim fit that reveals the body shape perfectly.

Half Sleeves Vs Full Sleeves Cotton T-Shirts

Since everything has multiple options why not T-shirts? Plenty of people prefer full-sleeved T-shirts, especially women. There are two reasons for that, firstly it saves from excessive heat or cold. And secondly, it feels protective and comfortable. Also it prevents those clingy insects from biting and crawling at your hands. While some men with slim figures prefer wearing full sleeves because half sleeves make them look even more skinnier. All in all; a perfect summer look is only complete with a loose-fit half-sleeve T-shirt.

Where to get the affordable and good quality cotton T-shirts from?

There are a number of brands that produce good quality t-shirts which last an eternity. But they also cost an arm and a leg. So just to be on the safer side we are going for equally good quality brands that are reasonably priced and offer affordable fashion on a budget. Gildan is one of the very trusted apparel companies that provide the best quality everyday wear, that too at very economical prices.

Gildan G500B

One of the most famous everyday wear t-shirts is the Gildan G500B Heavy Cotton Youth T-shirt. Made from 100% pure USA cotton, G500B comes in more than 50 unique colors including light and dark shades for your children, especially when we know teens become much picky. Without compromising on the quality of fabric, and without worrying about the prices going sky-high. Furthermore, you can have Gildan G500B customized since its pure cotton fabric makes it easy to accept fabric prints without harming or damaging the color of the shirt.



Now you know what to look for and how to look when you purchase a shirt next time. Make sure to look at what suits your physique and face cut plus the color palette made for your skin. And last but not least what to pair up your t-shirt with.